2020 Update: Back to Unity and C#

Has been a crazy 2020 so far, am I right? Things are more stable now on my end, so is the time to go back to Unity, and C#.

My last post was around a year ago , this also is ( more or less) the time when I’ve stopped coding so I can say I’m pretty rusty at the moment. I spent this last year trying new hobbies away from coding/programming, as was feeling a bit burnout at the time. I’ve been trying to learn a new language, drawing more, learning about investing, practicing martial arts, and travelling through Japan and Taiwan before the whole thing happened and shut down all international movement.

The programming burnout has mostly gone away and I feel I’m ready to go back to it. My initial intention was to continue the Roguelike tutorial but at the moment that doesn’t seem wise, as I would spend more time trying to recall how everything worked together, why I took X or Y approach, and fixing everything the latest Unity updates broke… so I will be creating something new from zero to get the ball rolling again.

My plan is to create a quick game with a very clear ( and reduced ) scope, that can be completed in a week or two. I believe a mobile Clicker game fits perfectly this purpose. Nothing fancy but something that can be done without much technical hassle in a short period of time, from design to deployment. Some ideas:

  • Will use Unity and C#
  • Scope: Simple and generic clicker game/framework that I can use as a base for more complex clickers in the future, but small enough to complete it in just a week or two, and playable.
  • Android only. I went though the iOS process in the past and is very time consuming, besides the yearly fee for joining the developer program. Possibly in the future, but not for now.

Here’s a quick mvp after reinstalling Unity today and getting re-acquainted with C# :

I’ll write down a quick serie or tutorial about this project as well. Stay tuned!



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