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  • 2020 Update: Back to Unity and C#

    2020 Update: Back to Unity and C#

    Has been a crazy 2020 so far, am I right? Things are more stable now on my end, so is the time to go back to Unity, and C#. My last post was around a year ago , this also is ( more or less) the time when I’ve stopped coding so I can say…

  • First 100 hours breakthrough

    First 100 hours breakthrough

    Well well, definitely is hard to calculate how much time a project will take, and even harder if it’s your first project. I’ve just realized that today I break through the first 100 hours in Panda Hell,that’s an average of 2.5h daily for the last 6 weeks, since I started the project. When I initially…

  • First days using Unity

    First days using Unity

    After spending a couple of days playing with Unity, following the 2D Roguelike tutorial and finishing a basic game full of bugs based on that tutorial, here are some first thoughts.

  • The Journey Begins

    The Journey Begins

    Welcome! And thanks for joining me in this endeavor through learning to code building and launching real projects.