Starting June 18th RoguelikeDev Does The Complete Roguelike Tutorial 2019

Since few years back the folks at /r/roguelikedev have been going through the Complete Roguelike Tutorial together, working on a couple parts each week for a total of 8 weeks.

It’s great for beginners because it helps give them the little push they might need to start. And because everyone is going through it at the same time the weekly threads are a good place to ask questions and get help. More experienced developers use it as a chance to try a new language.

The event works like this: Each week is dedicated to working through a couple of parts of the tutorial. Participants share their progress and ask questions on the discussion thread. At the end we all share our results. Some may choose to continue on, using the tutorial game as a base for something bigger.

13 modules in 8 weeks

As you can see this seems a really cool learning opportunity, not because multiple people will be following the same tutorial at a relatively same pace (mostly), but also multiple languages will be used, as well as the scope is extremely clear and limited in order to finish the tutorial.

While I’m still working on Longanizers, I’m going to follow along this 2019 event as well and recreate the tutorial in with C# in Unity. While I expect to finish Longanizers before the end of the tutorial, this project will slow down a bit during the next 2 months, as there’s just so many hours I can invest on game development.

Regarding the tutorial itself, I took a quick glance to the whole thing and I see stuff that I’ve already researched and worked on in the past, for example the procedural level generation (this is how Panda Hell levels were created), or pathfinding, but other items I never had the chance to implement them, like an Inventory system.

After the first chapter we already have a moving @ character

Weekly updates and code in GitHub coming soon!

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