Weekly update Unity 2D shooter #1

Game status last week:



Game status this week:




  • Fixed speed. Now the game is more fast-paced.
  • Fixed switching between levels. Now the Player changes level properly when a portal is touched.
  • Added a new type of enemy (currently 2 types).
  • Added fuel system: If you run out of fuel, movement is locked.
  • Added “shooting” system, where you can drop bombs and enemies are destroyed after 3 hits. Once bombs are dropped, they move randomly in space and can damage the Player too.
  • Added hotkeys, 1 to 4, which will be configurable for actions in next iterations.
  • The exit tile to move between levels is not in the same position anymore, is randomized every time a level is completed.
  • Fixed bug where levels where not applied correctly.
  • Sunday bug-fixing day.

What’s next?

Keep working on the prototype to make it usable and fun, for example by adding a score and share system where Players can see their score, save it locally and share it, add basic graphics that are not placeholder ones and basic music and particles to make it more visually appealing. Once is done I plan to compile it into a prototype alpha playable version and iterate based on Player feedback.


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