First 100 hours breakthrough

Well well, definitely is hard to calculate how much time a project will take, and even harder if it’s your first project.

I’ve just realized that today I break through the first 100 hours in Panda Hell,that’s an average of 2.5h daily for the last 6 weeks, since I started the project. When I initially planned the time it would take me, I thought that by this time the project would be complete (heh…., naivety right?), but is also true that it has evolved conceptually from just a prototype to a complete vertical slice of what can be a full game in the future.

I’ve been toying with the idea of looking for an artist to join me in this endeavor, either hiring externally or joining me on a revenue-share model, as even if I’m pretty comfortable with the art side of the game I may prefer to focus my time and efforts in the code, game mechanics and, project management.

Also one of the main reasons I see so many revenue-share projects fail is because they’re built in pure air. In Panda Hell case the core game is mostly ready, from this point onward is fixing bugs, adding new features, polish and iterate on players feedback. Is not a Google doc or an idea, there’s no BS. So it may work to adapt this model.

Any of you have had a revenue-share experience in the past?




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