Starting June 29th RoguelikeDev does the complete Roguelike Tutorial 2021

/r/roguelikedev has been going strong for 5 years in a row doing the Complete Roguelike Tutorial. For 8 weeks we’ll be building a RogueLike game following the same tutorial, however everyone will do it their own way: Some folks stick to the step-by-step Python tutorial, while other reimagine it completely on a different language.

After doing this game in C#/Unity, and Java for two years, personally finally came the time to do it in the original tutorial’s language: Python, using the tcod library for RogueLike games.

Cave exploration in the 2019 Roguelike project ( C# )

The new M1 silicon-based chip MacBooks came with a surprise and the new architecture is giving a lot of headaches when using Python Modules, and tcod was not an exception. Luckily this was reported and fixed very fast, and now the library works on the new M1’s as well.

This is a good opportunity to start a new series about how to create a Roguelike in Python and add some new stuff on top of the base tutorial, like Unit Testing.

Inventory system in the 2019 Roguelike project ( C# )

Week 0 and 1 of the tutorial coming up!


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