WordPress plugin: WPJM Extra Fields – Adds extra fields to WP Job Manager job listings

A few months ago I released a new free WordPress plugin into the WordPress.org repository.

By installing this plugin (or we can call it extension as well, as is a plugin for another plugin, WP Job Manager) new Salary and Important Information fields will be added to the default Job Listing functionality that WP Job Manager provides. This new data will display in three places:

  • During the Post a Job submission flow, for new job listings (this will also show complete during the job preview, before approval):
  • The same information will be filled out (and is editable) on the Job details metabox, in your administrator dashboard:
  • How it looks when checking the Job listing:

Download it here for free: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wpjm-extra-fields/

You can also download it from the official WP Job Manager website: https://wpjobmanager.com/product-category/free/



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